New album TRICKSTER available now on Pi Recordings


Pitchfork: “The execution is obviously complex, the work of virtuosi. But the resulting beauty is easy to appreciate . . . While Okazaki can be plenty entertaining as a master of misdirection, he also has a gift for direct communication.”

The Wall Street Journal: “In this age of individually downloadable tracks, Mr. Okazaki offers a true concept album . . . Together, these four musicians simultaneously build and deconstruct alluringly complex forms, as befits the legacies of both timeless tricksters and modern jazz musicians.”

The Los Angeles Times: “With each twist, the album’s odd-angled ventures offer a new reflection of the music’s roots in jazz, funk and blues. Tricky stuff.”

WBGO: “There isn’t a rhythmic matrix or harmonic enigma that falls outside the realm of comprehension for guitarist-composer Miles Okazaki . . . beguiling new quartet album.”

El Intruso: “Miles Okazaki, en el magnífico Trickster, manifiesta valor para desprenderse de certezas, aceptar riesgos creativos y cruzar nuevas fronteras musicales. Y, por cierto, lo hace con autoridad y convicción.”

NextBop: “this band maintains an energy that practically hypnotizes . . . unfailingly compelling.”

Financial Times: “a latticework of bouncy rhythms, twisty melodies and harmonic structures”

JazzScene: “Okazaki pushes himself and his bandmates to put heady musical concepts in service of new forms of expression.” 

Textura: “It’s also a rare moment when all four aren’t contributing, yet never does the playing feel overcrowded or unfocused.”

Stereogum: “Okazaki’s an eruptive guitarist, but not a shredder; notes explode off the strings in bursts, but his phrases always retain an essential coherence.”

Step Tempest: “Play it loud . . . you can dance to it!”

Album Preview: