Trickster is a Miles Okazaki Project.

New York Times concert review, “Trickster”:

Review: Miles Okazaki Bends Conventionality to His Whims at the Jazz Gallery By NATE CHINEN JAN. 14, 2016   “We’re not trying to trick you,” the guitarist Miles Okazaki said at the Jazz Gallery on Wednesday night. Under the circumstances, the reassurance was understandable: Mr. Okazaki was introducing his new band, Trickster, and he didn’t […]

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Fundamentals of Guitar Cover (.75 pt lines)

“Fundamentals of Guitar” now available

This book is designed to be useful for guitarists at any skill level. Beginners can use it as an introduction to the foundational concepts of the instrument, intermediate players can use it for training and theoretical work, and advanced players can explore the sections on advanced theory, extended technique and the exhaustive tables of melodic […]

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New York Times concert review, Miles Okazaki Quartet

A Jazz Logic in Intricate Puzzles Miles Okazaki Performs at Seeds in Brooklyn By NATE CHINEN [ SEPT. 13, 2013 The last tune that Miles Okazaki offered up at Seeds in Brooklyn on Wednesday night was “Dozens,” which opened with a syncopated stutter, like combinations thrown against a punching bag. Mr. Okazaki, playing his hollow-body […]

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22.10.2010 OKAZAKI-PERRET-REID ENSEMBLE,AMR,Sud des Alpes, Geneva, Switzerland
Miles Okazaki - guitar
Guillaume Perret - saxophone
Damion Reid - drums

New York Times Review: “Figurations,” top 10 Albums of 2012

Asking Questions and Raising Stakes Ben Ratliff’s Top 10 Albums of 2012 By BEN RATLIFF DEC. 12, 2012 1. DAVID VIRELLES This young Cuban pianist’s new album, “Continuum” (Pi Recordings), moves backward, forward and sideways through history. Intuitive and original, it’s equally of the American experimental jazz tradition, Afro-Cuban religious culture and modern nonjazz composition. It’s […]

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New York Times Review: “Figurations” (2012)

From Jazz Heirlooms to Doom Metal By BEN RATLIFF MAY 5, 2012 Bennie Green A lot of the music made by the trombonist Bennie Green (1923-77) suggests that the idea of discrete aesthetic eras in jazz has been oversold. He doesn’t fit easily into one. In the 1950s he played plush, sliding, unconstricted, just-on-the-edge-of-shouting trombone […]

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NPR Review, “Best New Jazz of 2009”: “Generations”

If you stumbled blindly into “Waves,” from guitarist Miles Okazaki’s sophomore album Generations, you might be lured in by Miguel Zenon’s strained ruminations on alto sax. Eventually, you’d hear a different saxophonist — that’d be Christof Knoche ratcheting up the intensity. By then, you’ll also have noticed the groove accumulating, such that when Dave Binney […]

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New York Times review: “Mirror” (2006)

Critic’s Choice: New CDs By NATE CHINEN Published: December 11, 2006 Miles Okazaki ”Mirror” (Miles Okazaki) The guitarist Miles Okazaki composed all of the music on ”Mirror,” his ambitious and involving debut. He also produced the album, created its striking cover illustrations and released the thing himself. It’s available at and on iTunes, but […]

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